• The Debate

    The Debate

    Yosemite National Park, The Debate: weird name, I know, but for me this is almost an argument, Water vs the Rock Wall of El Capitan. Taken 2 weeks after the first big melt no doubt I would have been underwater. Note all the recent debris piled up. My absolute favorite place to be, every time I come Yosemite shows me a completely different look. Cant wait to go back and see what she shows next!

    Tony Panzica Photography

  • Dusk at Bryce Canyon

    Dusk at Bryce Canyon

    As the sun was setting on this awe inspiring view most other photographers and visitors were headed to the warmth of their cars. Suddenly the sky lit up with the heavenly glow placing a rare exclamation on an already incredible view, I was just lucky enough to capture this as it lasted only about 15 seconds.

    Tony Panzica Photography

  • Schwabacher Landing

    Schwabacher Landing

    The Teton Mountains reflecting off the water at Schwabacker Landing, One can get mezmerized gazing here. So very difficult to get and walk away given the effort you need to travel here!

    Tony Panzica Photography

  • Portland Head Light House

    Portland Head Light House

    Cape Elizabeth is the home of Portland Head Light. Situated along the spectacular shores of Fort Williams Park, the popular landmark is owned and managed by the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Thanks to the skipper of the small boat for adding a nice finish to an amazing location.

    Tony Panzica Photography

  • Snake River Overlook

    Snake River Overlook

    The Snake River Overlook in The Grand Tetons National Park has been on my bucket list. For a brief moment, the clouds lifted adding to the dramatic view. Its views like this that make you pause and thank God for the opportunity to capture this moment!

    Tony Panzica Photography

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